Eléonor Recommends… ('Summer in Saint-Tropez' Edition)

Eléonor Recommends… ('Summer in Saint-Tropez' Edition)

The watch and jewelry season has just ended, and we can now go on to enjoy the summer with grace and style. Criticized as often as it is praised, Saint-Tropez remains a small village in the South of France where the warbling of the crickets and the smell of lavender permeate your entire body with delectable pleasure.

Here are my five recommendations for those visiting Saint-Tropez, including three of the best-kept secrets in town.

1. The one restaurant you should book in advance is Salama


Right in the middle of the village, in a back alley away from all the yachts, you’ll find yourself in a microcosm of Moroccan atmosphere, surrounded by dimmed lights and rustic stone walls, leaning back against a soft cushion gazing at the sky on the open terrace… Pastillas, tagines and couscous are menu staples, and when paired with a sweet Moroccan mint tea, you’ll feel almost as if you were in the heart of Marrakech…

Salama — 1 Rue des Tisserands, Saint-Tropez • +33 (0)4 94 97 59 62


2. The one boutique you must check out is Battaglia

Battaglia 3

A fashion store owned by a half-Italian half-Tropezian couple — it presents an eclectic selection of brands for the shrewd and discerning, ranging from Japanese denim designers to 1970s chopper-style clothes and accessories, topped up with Christian Louboutin and Helmut Lang pieces, all showcased in a gallery-like space. The selection of jewelry includes Ugo Cacciatori, Castro NYC and vintage Native American jewelry — perfect for the super-hipster in you.

Battaglia — 15 place de la Garonne, Saint-Tropez • +33 (0)4 94 97 05 94


3. The piece of jewelry you should travel with is Hanadi Keane

She’s from Lebanon, she’s ultra-talented and nobody knows her (yet). The earrings of the Aura collection are light and comfortable and the 96 diamonds (totalling 1 carat) set around the marquise shaped turquoise or cornelian stone (mounted on white or red gold depending on what matches best your tan) are perfect to wear, whether swimming or partying!


4. The watch on your wrist should be a Perrelet


Hypnotizing and just a bit unsettling, the Perrelet Turbine XS with diamonds is a direct appeal to a woman’s aestheticism. The double rotor — signature of the brand — triggers fascination because of the constant movement of the dial-side rotor combined with the lower dial set with radiating lines of diamonds. A 41mm diameter steel case with an automatic movement makes this piece perfect for the summer, especially when mounted on a white rubber strap.


5. Where to go get a new piece of jewelry: Julian Joailliers


From left: Dragonfly earrings by Yvonne Léon; ‘Forget Me Knot’ Bubble Crystal Haze Pendant set in 18ct white gold with turquoise by Stephen Webster


Established in the south of France and the French Alps, the family-run business retails watches and jewelry, including their eponymous line, since 1974. Aside from the usual, you can find a wide range of new talented designers such as Yvonne Léon, Stephen Webster or Ileana Makri, where you would want to get (in the following order): the dragonfly diamond and emerald paved single earring, the crystal haze pendant or the deco single flower ring.

Julian Joailliers — Passage du port, Saint-Tropez • +33 (0)4 94 97 20 27


For anything else, just call me!
Eléonor Picciotto