HYT's Sneak Peek Of The Third Generation H3

HYT's Sneak Peek Of The Third Generation H3

This is one of the pictures (above) that HYT released to us yesterday showing us the third generation of the brand’s ground-breaking Hydro-Mechanical watches. As most will know, HYT watches are utterly unique in the watch industry for being the only brand to incorporate liquid in their watches for telling time.

H1 Alumen Blue-Side-151

H2 Black DLC & Pink Gold_Side_150dpi

Following the more traditionally shaped H1 and H2 watches (shown above), the new H3 promises to be something entirely different. Billed as the third generation of the line, the faintly illuminated press picture that has been released so far reveals a few interesting details.


Most obvious is the rectangular shape, departing from the more traditionally round H1 and H2. The second major detail is the horizontally running liquid time indication for the hours, a feature never seen before in any watch, and a first for HYT as well. Not so obvious in the picture, but a fact revealed to us was that the watch would be a staggering 52mm wide. That being said, it will, according to HYT CEO Vincent Perriard ” be a big watch but elegantly wearable, due to the way the lugs are designed.”

The question remains now, what else will be revealed when the lights are turned on in the picture above? There will plainly be quite a number of interesting details as yet hidden, although at the press conference event last night, Vincent did show us a complete picture for a split second. Let me just say that from what I saw, we’ve only got half the story so far. 

The H3 will be shown at Basel this year, which is only a few weeks away. Look out for updates on the latest H3 then, coming soon!