Revolution (Asia) - Issue 62

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  • The July 2020 issue of Revolution is an important one for us for the following reasons. First, it demonstrates our determination to continue to publish the print edition of our magazine even as we’ve significantly grown our content creation online, on social media and, yes, using the Zoom platform. Why was this so important? Because our time during this season of lockdown, self-isolation, quarantine, shelter at home or whatever you want to call it, has reaffirmed one thing: Reading something on paper is a damnably welcome reprieve from the constant daily assault of all the digital screens that surround us.

    Second, we’ve had the time to completely overhaul our editorial focus with one simple rule. Whether the subject is on new releases, vintage watches or personalities from the watch industry, any story that appears in Revolution has to be the best and most comprehensive of its kind. By this we don’t just mean stories generated by us. When we read A Collected Man’s story on first-generation Roger Dubuis Hommage Chronographs and learned from it that the watch was made in three sizes with three dial variations for the 34mm watch, five dial variations for the 37mm watch and 14 dial variations for the 40mm watch, we instantly realized that this was the definitive story on the subject. So with Silas Walton’s permission, we have reprinted this story but importantly also sought out images throughout the watch community from collectors such as Tom Chng, David Lim and Michael Tay, and even reached out to our buddies at Fratello Watches, to assemble a great array that together provides a never-before-seen comprehensive guide to this reference.

    At the same time, we wanted to challenge ourselves to create similarly comprehensive work and — in collaboration with Auro Montanari — we’ve put together what is a pretty complete look at Patek Philippe’s vintage chronographs. Our story covers all the watches that were made in series though there are, of course, some unique watches here and there that will make a great follow-up.

    Further, we wanted to create a sophisticated sense of thematic synergy across our major stories. Why have the story on the Roger Dubuis Hommage Chronographs in the same issue as the vintage Patek Philippe Chronographs story? Because these watches were clearly inspired by the Patek references 130 and 1463. Because we don’t want to just provide you with an understanding of one watch but about how that watch like the “Tasti Tondi” has profoundly influenced watchmaking a full half century after it was created. Ross Povey then chimes in about a certain Mido watch because that chronograph features a case almost identical to that of the Tasti Tondi manufactured by the same casemaker.

    But even while unveiling cool, obscure historic watches, we wanted to talk about the latest releases from the brands, in particular Vacheron Constatin’s Overseas Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin Skeleton, because we consider this, hands down, one of the very best watches on the modern horological landscape.

    Similarly, we were blown away by Cartier’s latest offerings, in particular the limited-edition Santos-Dumont watches named after the famous Brazilian aviator’s aircraft. At the same time, we felt it important to interview the legend of the watch industry that is Jean-Claude Biver about what he feels we need to do to save both the luxury watch industry and humanity as whole. Finally, we’re not stopping with our e-commerce limited-edition watches and we are pleased to unveil our bronze Hanhart 417. This watch was released in August 2020 in a 150-piece edition. It comes fitted on a Bund strap at a retail price of USD 1,900 US dollars, which is our way of demonstrating our commitment to providing you to with enduring value. Because we believe our readers and clients rock and we want to always accord to your our respect and gratitude.

  • Edition Revolution (Asia) - Issue 62 - July 2020
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